Server Update on 14th 04:30 EDT, 09:30 GMT

Server Update on 14th 04:30 EDT, 09:30 GMT

Mount system and Greedy Tower available!Dec 14 2017

Adventurers! Since Christmas is around the conner. We are going to update all servers on 14th 04:30 EDT, 09:30 GMT. The update is except to take less than 1 hour. Please keep an eye on our facebook page for update. We will announce there once the update completed!

Update Contents:
1.Mount System Available!

   Requirements: Reach Floor 81 to unlock


2. Greedy Tower open!


   Requirements:Reach Floor 41 to unlock

3. Gift Center Open!


With the giftcodes you received, you can claim your gifts!

There might be some changes during the update, please keep an eye on this post for final update contents.