game introductionAug 17 2017

Game Mechanics


In The Greedy Cave, you will enter the dungeon with near nothing with the aim of killing monsters and collecting loot.

Upon killing monsters/mobs you will gain Exp and once the Exp Meter is full you will level up.

Monsters will sometimes drop loot this can range from Gold, MP potions, Hp potions, Vision Scrolls, Upgrade materials or gear.

 However if you die in the dungeon you will loss all progress gained before entering the dungeon. Any item, gold or Exp you gained is lost. Frustrating right?!But don't worry its all a learning curve. Any items you had before entering will not be loss.


Inside The Dungeon

Some things you need to know when entering and exploring the dungeon, Only Gold bordered items can leave the dungeon with you.


To leave you need a Escape Scroll.The map of the dungeon is concealed until you move to that location or use a Vision Scroll. You can Examine the Mobs before fighting them, long press to bring up an info box. You can progress deeper using the stairs once found. There are 3 types of loot crates Bone piles, Gold pots and Chests. Also 3 types of chests wooden chests, Gold chests and Blue chest (found in Secret Chambers). Escape scrolls can be found within the first 3 floors of each dungeon segment in Gold Pots. Look out for Gold statues they will turn any Non-Gold Item (with a few exceptions). Runes, Look for colored symbols on the floor like the one below. Walking over them will increase you stat Rune.

Leveling up!

Once you gain enough Experience/Exp to gain a level you will gain an Ability point/Ap you these point to level up your stats(Stats Explanation).

Once every 5 Ability point spent will unlock a choice of 2 Skills you can only select one, so read each skill thoroughly. You can reset you skills and Ap using a item form the Town shop at a cost of 300 Diamonds/Crystals.


You begin with 21 inventory slots, this can be increased by another 21 for 500 Gold, Then again for 1000 Diamonds/Crystals ect. It is important to manage your inventory effectively, its has to hold a lot if you spend time in the dungeon.

Equipment Slots

You will have 8 equipment slots on your character, equipment in here wont take up space in your inventory so make sure each slot is full even if the gear isn't great. Each slot houses a different piece of gear.



Body/Chest armor






Each Item of Equipment has a Rarity Score marked With a Star this score is added up on the menu giving a total rarity score for you character based on what is equipped.


Dungeon Floors

The dungeon is set like a tower block/skyscraper with floors.

Every 10 floors you will gain a check point ( I,e. floor 1 + 10 = 11 check point ) these checkpoints allow you to leave the dungeon and reenter from that floor( minus the items collected.) There is a shop at every 11th floor. Every 20 floors will have a boss you have to win against to get the check point.