FAQAug 17 2017

Q1: What will happen if I die in the cave?

A: If you die in the cave, you will lose all your unsaved progress, which means you need to start over. (You will have a checkpoint every 10 floors.) So, your biggest challenge is to survive to the end by collecting better and better weapons to defeat various monsters.

Q2: How can I get back to Town?

A: There are two ways for you to get back to Town. One is using Escape Scroll. The other one is clicking the door icon on the top right of the page, but by doing this, you will lose all your progress. So, think twice before you go back.

Q3: How do I move in the Greedy Cave?

A: Use your mouse or your keyboard, WASD or arrow keys.

Q4: What is Gold-quality equipment and why do I need them.

A: Gold-quality equipment is the equipment which has a gold frame. Only these equipment can be taken out of the cave. To be more specific, when you return to Town using Escape Scroll, all your non-gold-quality equipment will be left in the cave. Hence, if you want to keep them, make sure that they are in gold quality. Tip: you can turn a non-gold-quality weapon into a gold-quality one by using Midas Touch. 

Q5: What is Midas Touch?

A: Midas Touch is a statue where you can turn a non-gold-quality weapon into a gold-quality one, so that you can take it with you when you leave the cave by using Escape Scroll. Each statue can be used once only.

Q6: What is Enchant?

A: Enchant increases a single stat for your equipment by using enchant materials.

Q7: Monsters are way too strong, what should I do?

A: Flee.

Q8: How should I report a bug or billing issue?

A: Please contact us via ingame support.

Q9: How do I recharge?

A: Click the “+” button next to your crystals on the home page. and you will be able to recharge. 

Q10: Which equipment is the best?

A: Equipment quality: Dark Gold > Gold > Blue > White.

Q11: Where can I find rare weapons?

A: 1. Monsters

    2. Chests

    3. Shop in the cave

    4. Shop in Town

    5. Star Box

Q12: Can I play on my phone?

A: The Greedy Cave can be played on your mobile phone.  Simply go to rogueslight.igamemore.com using the browser on your phone (iphone: Safari, Android: Chrome) and you will be able to enjoy Greedy Cave anytime and anywhere.