Basic Tips For Staring Out.

When the player first starts out it could be hard to get to grips with the game and concepts here are some tips to keep in mind when just starting.


Paths The Dungeon is randomly generated, Be aware of pointless paths, Players will find paths that have no items but a lot of Monsters and the path will lead round in a circle, So unless you're "Farming" Drops Or "Grinding" Exp try and avoid pointless paths.


Runes! Runes! Runes!. Runes are all over the Dungeon and collecting them will give a permanant point to a stat of the rune type, Having trouble with a boss or some monsters, Go Rune hunting. Collect as many as possible before using an Escape Scroll to port out.


Go For GOLD! Gold Pots will house the Escape Scroll so pick it up as soon as possible, It can be frustrating getting so great gear or a few levels and not have the scroll to get home.


Money! Money! Money! Upgrading Equipment is important but costs "Gold", Monsters Don't Drop a Lot unless you have extra gold stats on gear ect. So the player can start from Floor 1 and work back up to their current Floor. For example for one of my Gold runs floor 1 to 30 Nets me 25,000 Gold.


Be Selective. With Golden Statue players can Gold touch any Common Piece of Equipment But you should leave Gold Touching an Item until You're about to go down a floor or leave the dungeon, In the past I have Gold Touched an Item only to go and get a weapon or armour I wish I had Gold Touched instead.


Diamond/Crystals. Everyday, Once a day the player can share their results of a dungeon run on facebook or share Via the option tab in the menu. doing so will grant the player 30 Diamonds/Crystals. Additionally the Player can spend some time Watching some Ads for 15 Diamonds/Crystals each.


Advance Tips

Grind, Grind, Grind! The floor difficulty highly varies before the Stone Golem and after. Players should grind for HP and MP potions, along with scrolls such as vision & escape scrolls. All enemies residing on floor 11 to 20 should be killed for grinding purposes, potion drops and monster loots; since all monsters residing on that specific floor area can be easily killed. Vision scrolls should be used on floors 21 and above to detect obtainable chests. This above strategy can be repeated throughout the deeper floors as well.